The number of guest workers and immigrants coming to the United States is slowly climbing.

The return of foreign workers will help to alleviate labour shortages and inflation.

Many of the rides and activities will be staffed by student guest workers from around the world for the first time since the pandemic began.

After dramatic drops during the epidemic, the number of guest workers and immigrants arriving in the United States is steadily increasing again. Hundreds of thousands of international students have returned to the resort towns and amusement parks of the United States. More visas for seasonal guest workers have been released by the Biden administration, and others’ work licences have been automatically extended.

Economists believe this will assist to alleviate labour shortages, and some, but not all, believe it will also help to control inflation.

Moving Markets

According to the State Department, participation in its summer labour travel programme is returning to pre-pandemic levels. According to a State Department official, around 30,000 people have started the programme so far this year, with another 50,000 on the way. That would bring the program’s enrolment to about three-quarters of what it was in 2019, when over 108,000 visas were given.

More guest workers may be able to assist alleviate labour shortages.

According to Peri, the United States’ economy is around two million working-age immigrants short of where it would have been if not for the epidemic and Trump’s cuts. According to him, this has contributed to a tighter labour market, placing pressure on companies to raise wages, and hence prices.

Food and energy prices continue to rise rapidly. According to economists, this is contributing to overall inflation, and others are unconvinced that a modest increase in the number of guest workers and immigrants will have a discernible influence.


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