The massive SolarWinds hack and the future of cyber espionage

“The SolarWinds hack was and really is and continues to be one of the biggest espionage campaigns recently discovered,” said Thomas Rid, a professor of strategic studies at Johns Hopkins University.

Microsoft, Google and several U.S. government agencies were among those compromised by the intrusion.

Signal and Telegram downloads surge after WhatsApp says it will share data with Facebook

Downloads of privacy-focused messaging apps Signal and Telegram got a boost as users looked for alternatives to Facebook-owned WhatsApp.
The surge comes after WhatsApp updated its terms of service agreement that appears to give users little choice to opt out of sharing data with parent company Facebook.
Signal claims to have “state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption” as part of its service, which prevents messages from being read by those who are not the intended recipient.

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin aims to fly first passengers on its space tourism rocket as early as April

Jeff Bezos’ space company Blue Origin on Thursday completed the fourteenth test flight of its New Shepard rocket booster and capsule.
CNBC has learned that NS-14 also marked one of the last remaining steps before Blue Origin flies its first crew to space, with Thursday’s flight the first of two “stable configuration” tests.
Blue Origin aims to launch the second test flight within six weeks, or by late February, and the first crewed flight six weeks after that, or by early April, people familiar with the company’s plans told CNBC.

Nikola shares fall after CEO fails to reassure investors GM won’t pull out of $2 billion deal

Shares of embattled electric vehicle start-up Nikola Corp. fell more than 8% during afterhours trading.
Nikola CEO Mark Russell failed to reassure investors of a deal being finalized with GM and that there wouldn’t be a selloff of its stock next week by founder and ex-chairman Trevor Milton.
There are roughly 360.9 million shares of company stock outstanding, making Milton Nikola’s largest single shareholder.

Tesla drops again, bringing three-day loss to more than 18%

Tesla shares slid 9% on Thursday, building on the stock’s recent losses.
With Thursday’s decline, the shares are more than 18% below Monday’s close, a day when the stock surged following its split.
On Tuesday Tesla said it would raise up to $5 billion through a new stock offering, and on Wednesday the company’s largest outside shareholder said it reduced its position due to portfolio restrictions.