Twitter’s redesign, as explained by Elon Musk

Elon Musk talks about why Twitter changed its name. A billionaire wants to make an “everything app” that will combine features for personal finance and writing.

Elon Musk has described why Twitter suddenly changed its name to ‘X’. The billionaire wants to add more features to the social media site than just micro-blogging. Musk wants to turn it into a place to do business and send messages.

Monday, Elon Musk made some significant changes to Twitter. He changed the famous bird logo to an X and said on Twitter that now goes to

The billionaire said he bought Twitter to turn it into a full app like the famous Asian apps WeChat and Line within five years. X said they would offer many different services, such as banking, shopping, texting and calling, booking trips, trading stocks, and more.

Moving Markets

In the future, we want to add more ways to communicate and a place where you can take care of all your business needs. Elon Musk tweeted that the Twitter name makes no sense in that situation.

On Sunday, the billionaire said he wanted to change the Twitter brand and finally eliminate everything related to birds. He posted a picture of the new X logo on the side of Twitter’s San Francisco office.

Rarely do people get a second chance to make a big difference in their personal or business lives. Twitter has significantly affected how we talk to each other and has changed how we talk. Linda Yaccarino, the CEO of Twitter, says that X will continue to make significant changes that will eventually change the global town square.

Twitter began in 2006, and its well-known blue bird image has been around for more than ten years.

Musk bought the social media site for $44 billion last year. The choice to switch to X has caused a lot of debate in the market.

Dan Ives, an analyst at Wedbush, thinks that Musk could successfully turn Twitter into a “super-app.” But this change will happen slowly and will take time. The user liked Twitter’s plan, but they wanted to know more about why the famous bird logo was being changed.

In Asia, super-apps like Tencent’s WeChat are becoming increasingly famous. These apps offer various services that combine financial and social features.


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