TikTok found and shut down a secret plan to cause social unrest in Ireland

TikTok just recently learned of a plan to use the popular video-sharing site to start a fight in Ireland. The 72 accounts that made up the secret influence operation network have been shut down by the company.

TikTok’s Goal Is to Get Rid of Covert Influence

This isn’t the first time TikTok has tried to get rid of networks that use covert control on the app. This is what the company has done in the past to stop similar efforts in Germany, Russia, and Poland.

TikTok has signed an EU code of practice to fight fake news and lies on the internet, even though its parent company, ByteDance, is based in China.

TikTok took down 2,165 videos because they broke the platform’s policy against spreading damaging information.

TikTok sent a thorough report to the European Commission that included a video that showed how it was trying to find and delete the accounts that were linked to the Irish covert influence operation.


The study, which covers the months of January through June 2023, says that the network was aimed at Irish viewers.

The business also said that it had taken down 67,013 fake accounts in Ireland from March to June of this year; 296,274 people were following these pages together.

According to the study, TikTok stopped up to 26,034,349 fake follow attempts and got rid of 218,158 fake followers from Irish accounts in the first half of 2023.

Also, 144 TikTok accounts in Ireland were banned for pretending to be someone else.

Popular apps like TikTok have become very useful for people who want to cause trouble and strife in this age of social media.

It’s becoming more and more essential to take action against these kinds of risks, like when TikTok shut down its covert information operations.

People who work for the government are becoming more worried about TikTok’s harmful effects.

Law enforcement is becoming more and more concerned about how TikTok crazes push people to act in destructive ways. The site has also been warned about its harmful effects on teachers’ unions. Criminal activity and the stopping of probes have both been caused by inappropriate use of the platform.

Not only did the public get in the way of the police probe into Nicola Bulley’s disappearance, but it also made things worse for the victim’s family. In a different case, people became too obsessed online with the murder of four students in Idaho, US, and wrongly accused people.

There are some excellent things about TikTok, but the rise of these internet crazes is making things harder for both law enforcement and schools.


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