It was speculated that Priti Patel will be replaced in the cabinet when new prime minister Liz Truss announced her plans to do so on Tuesday.

The Home Secretary of the UK quits

On Monday, Priti Patel resigned from her position as home secretary of the United Kingdom following the announcement that Foreign Secretary Liz Truss would succeed Theresa May as prime minister and take the reins of the Conservative Party.

Patel stated that it had been “a real honour and privilege” to serve the UK in her letter of resignation to interim Prime Minister Boris Johnson. She also defended the work that she had done as home secretary.

Patel did not back Truss in his campaign for the leadership of the Conservative Party against the incumbent, Rishi Sunak, but she had stated that she would like to remain her job regardless of who becomes the new leader.

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Patel may have hoped that whoever won the election would maintain her place in the cabinet, which is why she chose not to take a side in the contest.

However, reports from the previous week stated that Patel would be one of the individuals who would be fired from their employment in the event that Truss was elected prime minister.

On Tuesday, Truss is most likely going to make a significant change to the cabinet.

During her time in office, Patel faced backlash from those on the political left in Britain due to the conservative nature of her immigration policies.
She has also been accused of being responsible for an increase in knife and gun crime in Britain, which has been attributed to her actions.

Later, as she was giving her resignation, she said that her political opponents supported “criminals, terrorists, people smugglers, and people who have no right to be in the UK.” Later, she gave her resignation.

She penned the following in her letter: “We have never given up and have never ceased pursuing what is right to protect the public.”

She offered Truss her congratulations on being selected as the new leader of the Conservative Party and stated that she would back Truss in her bid to become prime minister.
She also stated that she will keep fighting for her causes “from the backbenches” in the future.

There is a widespread consensus among people that Attorney General Suella Braverman will take over for Patel.


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