Price Hikes for Passes and Tickets at Disney World and Disneyland

The cost of experiencing the magic of Walt Disney World and Disneyland is set to rise, with both parks implementing price increases on various passes and tickets.

Date-based day passes, which adjust prices based on the day’s demand, remain unchanged for Disneyland, starting at $104, and at Disney World, starting at $109. However, several other pass categories are seeing price hikes. Annual passes for Disney World in Orlando, including the most expensive Incredi-Pass, now cost $1,449, reflecting an almost 10% increase.

Additionally, parking fees are set to rise by $5, reaching an overall cost of $30, though hotel guests will continue to enjoy complimentary parking.

Starting January 9, “Park Hopper,” tickets will be reintroduced, allowing visitors to move between parks anytime during the day.

Meanwhile, at Disneyland in Anaheim, the cost of the most expensive daily pass has increased to $194, representing an almost 9% jump from its previous price. The Magic Key pass and Genie+ add-ons have also experienced price increases.


In response to these changes, a Disney spokesperson emphasized the ongoing efforts to enhance park experiences, stating, “We are always adding new, innovative attractions and entertainment to our parks. While we offer a range of pricing options, the value of a theme park visit lies in the unique experiences that only Disney can provide.”

Notably, these price adjustments come a week after Disney introduced deals for children’s tickets as low as $50. This move is seen against theme parks reporting a decline in visitor numbers. As the park industry gradually recovers from the disruptions caused by the pandemic, Disney recently announced a substantial increase in investment in its parks.

In a September statement, Disney expressed its commitment to exploring new and innovative possibilities for growth in its theme parks, acknowledging the untapped potential for storytelling.

These price adjustments reflect the complex balancing act faced by theme park operators in managing costs, catering to various audience segments, and continuing to invest in attractions and experiences that define the Disney brand.


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