Pornhub analysis reveals 2022 trends and top sex-watching countries

Pornhub did a survey that showed some interesting trends for 2022 and which countries watch the most sex videos online.

They have released their 9th Year in Review, an in-depth look at all things pornographic. In it, their brave statisticians reveal how many people watched porn in the past year, as well as the most popular terms and trends for the year of our Lord 2022.

In a press release, they said that their Insights team and Pornhub’s statisticians look at data “from billions of visits” to figure out what content “defined the year.”

They also say that Pornhub’s most popular searches are “often influenced by pop culture and other global events, and many of these terms define 2022 not just on Pornhub but also in mainstream media.”

So, hold on to your pearls and look at their very interesting and colourful infographics. Here are the most important things you should know about 2022: Stay until the end to find out which fictional characters are the most popular and which countries would rather watch porn than football.

Reality wins over gender.
Reality porn is at the top of this year’s trends, according to Pornhub.

“The Reality category grew by 169% and is now one of the top 20.” On the other hand, the amateur category has lost 19% of its popularity. Our statisticians think that as more amateur models have turned into full-time performers, the quality of their videos has gotten better, but people still want to see real homemade porn.

Compared to other categories, the transgender category grew by 75% and is now the seventh most popular category in the world.

“Group sex,” “outdoors,” “positions,” “feet,” and “feminism” are all close behind these two.

In 2022, the most popular search on Pornhub was still “hentai,” followed very closely by “Japanese.”

“MILF” searches switched places with “lesbian” searches, and “pinay” (Filipino woman) searches filled out the top five.

The US continues to send the most people to Pornhub every day, followed by the UK.

France moved one place ahead of Japan in 2022; Mexico moved one place ahead of Italy; and Germany moved one place ahead of Canada. Germany has spent the most time per visit of any European country, at 10 minutes and 16 seconds on average.

Egypt’s rank went up by +7, putting it in the Top 20 for the first time. Belgium, which was last in the Top 20 in 2017, came back into the rankings.

The Top 20 countries are where 79.3% of Pornhub’s daily traffic comes from.

These categories can give a good idea of what kinds of porn or genres of porn people like to watch the most.

The biggest changes for 2022 were that the Lesbian and Ebony categories both moved up +1 to replace Japanese as the top category, Threesome jumped +6 spots to become the 4th most viewed category worldwide, and Anal moved +1 past MILF to become the 5th most viewed category worldwide.

Men vs. Women
The Pornhub statisticians found out the most likely age and gender of visitors by using Google Analytics.

They say that this data is “anonymized from billions of visits to Pornhub every year, giving us one of the richest and most diverse data sets to study traffic from all over the world.”

The top male and female categories remained unchanged in 2022: Japanese for men and Lesbian for women.

Different generations, different porn
In terms of age demographics, Pornhub’s average visitor age will stay the same at 37 in 2022, with the 18–24 age group growing by +2% and the 35–44 age group dropping by -2%.

When you break things down by generation, things get more interesting…

Visitors between the ages of 18 and 24 are 115% more likely to watch “Threesome” videos, 72% more likely to watch “Cosplay” videos, and 58% more likely to watch “Cartoon” videos.

Between the ages of 25 and 34, Gen Y visitors are 143% more interested in Asian porn, 58% more interested in feet, and 33% more likely to watch videos with tattooed women.

Gen X visitors between the ages of 35 and 54 are more interested in Cream Pie videos by 65%, in fistfights by 19%, and in BBW by 17%. a large, lovely lady.

Boomers over the age of 55 are nearly twice as likely to watch handjob videos as they are to watch small tits.

Moving Markets

Movie characters and video games
The joker’s main girlIn 2022, Harley Quinn was the most searched-for movie or character. “Star Wars,” which became more popular than ever the year before, was second.

Black Widow, the Avengers, and the Guardians of the Galaxy are the most popular Marvel characters, while Wonder Woman and Batman are the most popular DC characters.

The most searched-for video game on Pornhub was still Fortnite, but Overwatch and Genshin Impact moved ahead of Minecraft and Pokemon to round out the Top 5 video game searches.

World Cup numbers
“Live events cause people to change when they usually watch porn, which can cause a drop in Pornhub traffic,” says Pornhub.

Their statisticians looked more closely at some of the top 20 countries to see how their traffic changed during the 2022 World Cup.

So, who gave up porn for a few hours so they could watch their team play?

During the game between Belgium and Canada, almost a quarter of the Belgians gave up sex, but only 7% of the Canadians did.

Brazil and Serbia were the teams with the same number of sports fans and Pornhub fans, at least. On November 23, traffic in both countries dropped by 40% while their teams were playing.

During Australia’s match with France, the number of people visiting Pornhub went up by 6%. Pornhub’s statisticians think that this is because more people were awake at 6 a.m., which is usually a slow time of day. This made it more likely for people to visit Pornhub at that time.

Traffic in the US stayed the same (-0.2%) while traffic in the UK went down by 13%. Statisticians at Pornhub thought that this was because more people were shopping online on Black Friday.

Pornhub’s 2022 Year in Review has a full and very detailed breakdown of countries, habits, age groups, and many other categories.


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