Members of the crypto community talked about Twitter bots and asked the social network to do something about them.

People call out bots that spam crypto-related Twitter threads

The problem of automated accounts on Twitter was brought up by people in the cryptocurrency industry, and they asked Twitter to take action in response.


Twitter is a place where people in the crypto community can talk about issues from different points of view. But bots that spam “why is no one talking about this?” often with links to sketchy projects or scam landing pages can make it hard to have useful conversations. Because of this, people in the community showed their anger in different ways, such as through satire and art.


Lark Davis, a crypto analyst, shared a screenshot of bots pretending to be Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance. Davis told Twitter about the problem and asked them to fix it. The Twitter threads were called a “bot wasteland” by the analyst.


Zhao, who has been impersonated by bots, also said that Twitter should put bots at the top of its list of things to do. The CEO of Binance shared a video of a thread that was full of people pretending to be him. Zhao also made it clear that he didn’t say anything about the thread he showed if it wasn’t clear.

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Scott Melker, a crypto trader, posted a copy of the spammers’ words in all caps to show what was wrong. Meanwhile, an artist made his own statement by turning the scam tweets into a digital art costume.


Even though the people in the community made their points very clear, it didn’t stop the bots from again flooding the Twitter threads of those who were trying to get a fix.


In April, billionaire Elon Musk gave a talk in which he said that if he is able to buy Twitter, one of his top goals will be to get rid of scam bot armies on the social network. Musk says that bots are making the platform “much worse,” which brings attention to the problem.


On August 21, a cybersecurity analyst posted a thread on Twitter that is meant to help people who are new to crypto avoid getting scammed. The analyst pointed out that scammers use many different methods, like fake airdrops, fake projects, and malware, to steal money.


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