Nigeria’s opposition party leader is arrested in London

Mr. Peter Obi was detained for a considerable period at Heathrow Airport on charges of identity theft.

It has come to our attention that Nigerian opposition politician Peter Obi was detained for a brief period at London’s Heathrow Airport earlier this month. The alleged identity theft of the Labour Party leader during his Easter celebration trip to the UK has been reported in a statement released by his party on Wednesday.

On April 7, Obi was confronted by immigration officials at Heathrow and subsequently received a detention note. Following this, our Campaign Council spokesperson, Diran Onifade, reports that Obi underwent a lengthy period of questioning.

The positive response of his fellow Nigerians at the airport was instrumental in sparing the former governor of Anambra from extended detention and additional humiliation, according to his statement.

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“Our immigration officials were surprised by the public’s reaction when they revealed that Mr. Obi was being questioned for a ‘duplication offense’, which indicates that an individual has been impersonating him in London,” stated Onifade.

Our company is deeply concerned about the potential impact of the recent incident on Obi’s reputation and political career. It is alarming that the impersonator responsible for this situation is still at large and could potentially be engaging in serious criminal activity under Obi’s name.

Obi participated in the Nigerian presidential election held on February 25, securing the third position. The individual in question has initiated legal proceedings in response to the outcome of the voting process. He is contesting the triumph of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the nominee of the governing All Progressives Congress (APC), as the President-elect of Nigeria.


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