Meta will change how we express ourselves visually with image editing and AI stickers

Meta has made waves in the tech world again by releasing many AI-powered features that will change how you use its platforms.

At its annual Connect conference, the tech giant revealed this change, showing it is committed to using the power of generative AI.

The new features will be available in various apps, from chat apps to virtual reality headsets and smart glasses.

Most of these new ideas are based on Meta’s Llama 2, a new open-access AI model released in July. Let us take a quick look at some new ideas that will change how people express themselves visually on Meta’s platforms.

Real-time information from an AI assistant
One of the best things about Meta is its AI Assistant, which Llama 2 LLM drives. Ahmad Al-Dahle, the VP of GenAI at Meta, said the assistant can give real-time information and create photorealistic pictures from text prompts in seconds.

It can do more than answer questions. It can plan trips, join chat groups, and even use the Bing Browser to get real-time web results.

The first thing you can do with this tool is use Bing to search the web. Itqu makes sure that people can get information that is up to date. Meta will test out the AI Assistant on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger in the US. Meta wants to reach more people with Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses and the Quest 3 VR headset.

AI chatbots with celebrity personalities: Meta made 28 AI personalities based on famous people and influential people. These robots will be available on Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram, each about a different topic. They will bring famous people to life.


These chatbots offer exciting conversations from football star Tom Brady to tennis star Naomi Osaka. Meta wants to add more information to their knowledge base and may add Bing search shortly.

These AI personalities are being made so that they can reply through text and sound. But the video parts we have now are based on animations made by AI.

AI Studio helps businesses and people who make things.
Meta’s AI Studio platform has also given companies new ways to do something. It will create AI chatbots tailored to the companies’ ideals; this will likely improve how Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook help their customers.

Meta wrote in a blog post that AI Studio will help companies “Create AIs that reflect their brand’s values and improve customer service experiences.”

Even though the toolkit was first made available in alpha, Meta hopes to improve it over the next year. AI Studio will also be available to those who make things.

AI stickers are a new way to show how you feel.
With generative AI stickers, Meta’s chat apps might get a new look. With these stickers, users can make their own AI stickers. The Emu foundational model for picture generation powers them.

So, users can now use stickers to show more sensitive feelings. You have to type the description you want for the picture. At first, this feature will only be offered to English-speaking people. Over time, it will be added to other languages.

AI image editing: Changing the way you look at things
Meta also said that two interesting new features, Restyle and Backdrop, would be coming to Instagram in the U.S. With Restyle, users can change how a picture looks, and with Backdrop, they can change the scene or background of a photo.

Meta has also made these new things with the help of the Emu technology. So that everything is clear, the AI-made pictures of Meta will say where they came from, making it less likely that people will think people make these images.

Meta keeps an eye on safety even as it adds new features.
The social media giant is excited about the possibilities of talking AI and knows how important safety is. The company has put a lot of time and effort into reading and improving its questions so that its AI does not produce inappropriate answers.

Also, the platform stays committed to openness by releasing system cards and AI features to give specific information about how they were made.


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