Mayor: immigrants might ‘destroy’ NY

New York’s mayor says immigrants could “destroy” the city. Democrat Eric Adams has said that immigration could cause the city to lose its money.

Mayor Eric Adams has said that if nothing is done to stop it, mass immigration will “destroy” New York City. Adams told a meeting in Manhattan that people worldwide are overrunning the city and has a $12 billion budget shortfall.

Adams said at a town hall-style meeting on Wednesday night, “I’ve never had a problem where I couldn’t see a solution. I don’t see a solution to this.” “This problem will make New York City fall apart.”

Adams says the city with the most people in the US takes in more than 10,000 refugees monthly. Most newcomers in the past came from Central and South America, but Adams said that some recent arrivals were “Russian speakers coming through Mexico,” and others were from western Africa.

“Every neighbourhood in this city will be affected,” the mayor said. “We’ll have to cut services in this city because we have a $12 billion budget shortfall. “We all.”

Politico says the city spent $1.5 billion on housing and services for refugees last fiscal year. The federal government gave the city $140 million.


Adams has asked President Joe Biden and Governor Kathy Hochul for help many times, but it looks like they still need to be able to help. Both are Democrats. He asked them again for more money and to speed up getting work permits for foreigners so they could start working and somehow help the city of 8.8 million people.

“We’re about to lose the city we knew,” he said.

Earlier on Wednesday, Anne Williams-Isom, the mayor’s deputy for health and human services, said that migrants were drawn to New York City’s right-to-shelter law, which she said was once “like our little secret” but is now something “the whole globe knows.”

The New York Times says that nearly 60,000 migrants are sleeping in the city’s homeless centres. This week, about 20,000 of their children will start going to the public schools in the city.

Most people who don’t like mass immigration are Republicans. They say President Biden makes it easier for people who come to the US illegally to claim refuge and stay. In the meantime, his administration has filed a lawsuit to stop states like Texas from putting up walls along the border. They say that this is taking away from the federal government’s authority.

Adams used to say that New York was a “sanctuary city” for people in the country illegally. In April of this year, his office joyfully announced “Immigrant Heritage Week,” which honoured the arrival of 11,000 settlers at Ellis Island in 1907.

The “We Love Immigrant New York” campaign would go on through June, which is Immigrant Heritage Month. At the time, Immigrant Affairs Commissioner Manuel Castro said that the campaign would “affirm and celebrate the contribution of all of our immigrant communities and our status as the ultimate city of immigrants.”


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