Look at your garage!
10 old tech gadgets that are now worth a lot of money

Does your family have any old coins? They could be sold for a lot of money. If they have sentimental value, you can at least find out how much they are worth.

Now is the time to look in your closet, garage, basement, and attic. Look through the boxes you didn’t pack for your last move or the ones you put away when your kids left home.

Old things that are now worth a lot of money. Everything from phones to video game systems can be sold for a lot of money. 

Nostalgia can be a good thing to have.

Any old thing can remind us of something, but the feeling is stronger when it’s something we’re very close to.

When you put together sentimental longing and rarity, you have something very special. We mean “expensive” when we say “special.”

Moving Markets

Remember Guitar Hero? If you have any old guitars or guitar parts lying around, you could be sitting on a lot of cash.

The information was gathered in June 2022, and the final list had 159 items on it. Here are the five most expensive things:

Lawson’s Ticket Station J-League for Nintendo 64 – $64,646.
Zelda Minish Cap for Game Boy Advance – $24,000.
$20,000 for a sealed first-generation Apple iPod.
Unopened Pokemon Charizard Game Boy Advance SP – $15,008.
$11,900 for a brand-new iPhone from the first generation.

Most of these things are sealed, which can make a big difference. A first-generation iPhone is not that rare, but one that is still sealed and in the original box? There, prices will go through the roof.

We found the following:
You may already know that you can decide how much to charge for anything you sell on eBay.

You can ask for $100,000 for your old, broken calculator from high school. It doesn’t mean that anyone will buy it.

We searched eBay for more expensive items, but we only looked at items that had already been sold. When you want to buy or sell something, here’s a tip from a pro.

Go to Filter and scroll down until you find Sold Items after your eBay search. If you’re on a computer, check the box. If you’re using the eBay app, tap the slider.

Now, you’ll only see ads that have already been sold. This helps you figure out how much things really cost.

Here are five devices and electronics we found for sale on eBay that are worth buying:
Sony WM-8 Walkman — $10,580.
$7,499 for an Apple Macintosh 128K.
Action Set for the Nintendo Entertainment System – $3,804.
Clairtone 7980 boombox – $3,200.
Sealed Super Mario Bros. 3 – $2,550.


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