Italian mafia raids result in mass arrests

Italian authorities have successfully carried out targeted raids resulting in multiple arrests of suspected mafia members.
Discover the true culprit behind the influx of cocaine into Europe: the notorious ‘Ndrangheta crime syndicate from Italy.

In a major crackdown on the notorious Italian ‘Ndrangheta organised crime group, law enforcement officials apprehended over 130 individuals in a series of raids conducted across multiple European nations on Wednesday. The operation was the culmination of a meticulous three-year investigation.

“Operation Eureka” has been hailed as one of the most significant crackdowns on Italian organised crime to date, according to German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser. This operation marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing fight against criminal activity as authorities continue to take decisive action against those who seek to undermine the rule of law. With the coordination of law-enforcement agencies across multiple countries, the raids dealt a serious blow to the ‘Ndrangheta, as she stated.

In a sweeping operation that spanned multiple countries, law enforcement agencies in Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Romania, Brazil, and Panama collaborated to investigate the trafficking of drugs from South America to Europe and Australia. The culmination of this extensive probe resulted in a series of targeted raids, as reported by the esteemed EU police agency Europol. On Wednesday, the police reported that the detained suspects had been accused of a multitude of crimes, ranging from money laundering to drug smuggling and weapons trafficking.

At a press briefing on Wednesday, Italian authorities revealed that the criminal syndicate utilised Chinese currency brokers based in Italy and Colombia to facilitate the transfer of funds for their narcotics transactions. According to Europol, the group has been implicated in the illicit trade of firearms, specifically between Pakistan and South America, with a focus on Brazil.

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Originating in the picturesque Calabria region of southern Italy during the 18th century, the ‘Ndrangheta has earned a reputation as the most dominant mafia organisation in the country. Its influence extends far beyond Italy’s borders, with the group being widely believed to be a key source of cocaine for the European market.

According to the BBC, Italian prosecutor Giovanni Melillo revealed that the mafia syndicate intends to inundate Europe with narcotics transported from South America and clandestinely brought into European harbours, including Antwerp, Rotterdam, and the strategically located port of Gioia Tauro. Discover a vast network of businesses, such as pizzerias, cafes, and ice-cream parlours, that were used as fronts to launder money in the course of the investigation.

According to Reuters, Belgian federal prosecutor Antoon Schotsaert stated that the recent operation resulted in the arrest of several individuals who held significant value and played a crucial role in the organisation.

Italian authorities have successfully carried out the arrest of 108 individuals across Italy and other EU countries, as per their orders. An additional 24 individuals were apprehended in Germany, while 13 were taken into custody in Belgium. Spain and Portugal also detained one suspect each. Over a thousand diligent police officers combed through numerous locations across multiple cities during the German raids.


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