Google Unveils the “Circle to Search” Feature, Revolutionising the Android User Experience

A new feature allows instant search within apps, enhancing smartphone interaction. In a significant development for Android users, Google has introduced a groundbreaking feature called “Circle to Search.” This innovative feature is designed to streamline searching for information within apps, offering users a seamless and efficient experience.

What is Circle to Search?

Google’s Circle to Search is a feature that enables users to search quickly for anything they see within an app. Users can circle, highlight, or tap on the desired content to receive instant search results without leaving the app, whether it’s an image, video, or a line of text.

How to Use Circle to Search

The feature is part of the latest Android update and is currently available on the latest Pixel 8 and Samsung S24 phones. Users can gesture or long-press the navigation bar at the bottom of their screens to activate Circle to Search. Once activated, users can circle or highlight any item within an app, such as a product in a video or an interesting object in a photo, to prompt Google to display relevant search results.

For example, suppose users watch a fashion video and spot a pair of sunglasses they want to purchase. In that case, they can circle the sunglasses using Circle to Search, and Google will show shopping options from various retailers without interrupting the video playback.

Moving Markets

Apps Supported by Circle to Search

One of the notable features of Circle to Search is its compatibility with virtually any app on the device. During a press demo, Google demonstrated its functionality on various apps, including YouTube videos, photos, and text messages.

The application possibilities are diverse, making it particularly useful for shopping. For instance, users watching a content creator on YouTube can quickly identify and search for products within the video, eliminating the need for separate searches.

Phones Supporting Circle to Search

As of January 31, Circle to Search is available globally on select Android smartphones, exclusively on the latest Google and Samsung flagship models. The supported devices include:

  • Pixel 8
  • Pixel 8 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy S24 series

This feature is expected to enhance the overall user experience, providing Android users with a convenient and intuitive tool for searching within apps seamlessly.

Google’s Circle to Search represents a step forward in creating a more intelligent and user-friendly mobile experience, and its launch signifies a new era of innovation in the Android ecosystem.


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