Emmerson Family Tops the List of America’s Largest Landowners in 2024

According to the Land Report, a US-based magazine that focuses on private land ownership, the Emmerson family, owners of the lumber producer Sierra Pacific Industries, has once again claimed the title of America’s largest landowners in 2024. The Emmersons hold over 2.4 million acres of land in California, Oregon, and Washington, solidifying their position at the top for the fourth consecutive year.

Sierra Pacific Industries Legacy

Founded in 1947 by Curly Emmerson, Sierra Pacific Industries has remained a family-owned enterprise, currently led by Archie ‘Red’ Emmerson and his sons. The family’s prominence on the list began in 2021 with the acquisition of 175,000 acres in Oregon from the Seneca Timber Company.

Notable Figures in the Ranking

  1. Emmerson Family: 2.4 million acres
  2. John Malone: 2.2 million acres (Liberty Media Corporation)
  3. Ted Turner: 2 million acres
  4. Stan Kroenke: 1.7 million acres (Real estate and sports tycoon)
  5. Reed Family: 1.66 million acres (Simpson Investment, forestry company)

Diverse Landscape of Land Ownership

The list showcases the diverse landscape of American landownership, including media mogul John Malone with extensive holdings, CNN founder Ted Turner with land equivalent to Yellowstone National Park, and real estate tycoon Stan Kroenke.

Moving Markets

International Presence

Notably, the list includes Canadian landowners, the Irving family, and Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon, holding significant acreage. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, America’s largest farmland owner in 2020, also retains a notable position.

New Entrants

Chinese national Chen Tianqiao, known for his success in online gaming, debuted on the list, ranking as the second-largest individual owner of American land by a non-US citizen, with 198,000 acres of Oregon timberland.


The Land Report’s annual ranking is based on comprehensive data from various sources, including county tax records, financial reports, corporate press releases, and personal disclosures by landowners or their representatives. The list encompasses the 100 largest landowners in the United States.

As the landscape of land ownership continues to evolve, these rankings provide insights into the individuals and families who play a significant role in shaping the vast American terrain.


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