DoorDash will start paying a minimum hourly wages

DoorDash says it will start paying workers at least hourly minimum wage.

DoorDash said it would change how it pays its food delivery workers by giving them the choice of getting a minimum hourly wage instead of being paid per delivery.

People have said that gig-economy services like DoorDash may not even pay their workers the minimum wage because their pay is usually based on per-service fees instead of hourly rates, this is why the law is changing.

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DoorDash said in a statement on Wednesday that the new option will let deliverers choose to be paid an hourly rate that starts when they accept delivery and ends when the delivery is done. They will also get 100% of the tips. When they get an order, delivery workers can switch between the two ways of getting paid. They can choose whether to be paid by the hour or per delivery.

DoorDash didn’t say how much its minimum hourly wage will be, but according to the New York Times, the company said it would be between $10 and $19.50 per hour, based on where the worker lives.


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