BlackRock and Avaloq Partner to Meet Wealth Managers’ Evolving Technology Needs

Avaloq, a division of NEC Corporation, and BlackRock’s Aladdin Wealth business have joined forces to improve the financial technology solutions they offer to wealth managers and private banks. BlackRock is making a minority investment in Avaloq as part of the strategic relationship.

By working together, wealth managers and private banks will be able to improve their services at every stage of a client’s journey, including onboarding, portfolio building, client reports, and risk management. By combining Avaloq’s top core banking, client relationship management, and mobile banking services with the Aladdin Wealth platform’s strong risk analytics and portfolio management tools, the two companies hope to create one of the wealth industry’s most advanced technology offerings.

“Avaloq is excited to work with BlackRock in this strategic way. Martin Greweldinger, Co-CEO of Avaloq, said, “By working with BlackRock and integrating their Aladdin Wealth capabilities, we are reaffirming our commitment to providing innovative investment technology solutions for the wealth management industry.” “This partnership will help us give our clients the tools they need to streamline processes, improve risk analytics, and make better decisions about their portfolios, giving their clients more value in the end.”

“When BlackRock and Avaloq work together, it will help clients make digital changes that aren’t as hard and don’t take as long. Venu Krishnamurthy, Global Head of Aladdin Wealth Tech, said, “Our combined offering will make it very easy for clients to implement and use Aladdin Wealth’s best-in-class features because they will be deeply integrated with Avaloq’s core banking solutions.”

Clients of wealth management in Europe and Asia will be able to use an integrated wealth tech platform that opens the whole value chain.

– Digital platforms that make things better for customers

– Tools for full reporting on clients, easy hiring, and risk profiling

– Advanced portfolio analytics technology and the power to build portfolios on a large scale

– Unified data model gives clients the same experience throughout their trips.

Moving Markets

Avaloq is the industry leader in wealth management technology. They offer the best tools and services from front to back to financial institutions all over the world. Its systems are very strong, and they are currently managing about $4 trillion in client funds. BlackRock’s Aladdin Wealth platform has advanced risk analytics and portfolio management tools that help wealth management clients grow their businesses quickly, control risks, build better portfolios, and have better conversations with clients about their investments.

“We are thrilled that BlackRock has invested in Avaloq because it shows that they see the value and potential of Avaloq’s wealth management technology solutions,” said Tomoki Kubo, Chairman of Avaloq and Corporate SVP and Head of the Digital Finance Global Business Unit. “This partnership will not only strengthen NEC’s standing in the world of digital finance, but it will also show how committed it is to making the world a better place. NEC is looking forward to growing the Avaloq business with BlackRock.

About Avaloq

Avaloq is a top provider of tools and services for the front end to the back end for financial institutions all over the world. Private banks, wealth managers, and investment managers, as well as retail and modern banks, are some of our clients. We make software that can be used in the cloud or on-premises. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) and Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) models let us offer Banking Operations. Avaloq is a division of NEC Corporation, which is a world leader in putting IT and network systems together.


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