Because retail costs rose over 12% last year, Italians buy less food

Italians buy less food because supermarket prices have increased by more than 12% in the past year.

The national consumer group Altroconsumo has warned that the standard of living of Italian families is going down because food prices are going up every week.

Over the past year, supermarkets’ prices have increased by more than 12%, causing Italians to change how they buy groceries and turn to discounters.

The group says that many people buy cheaper food or take some items off their shopping lists.


“People have to deal with prices going up all the time, which they notice every week when they buy groceries. “Despite this, ads on TV, radio, newspapers, and websites are constantly promising low prices, special deals, and other ways to save money,” Altroconsumo said.

The group looked at prices in 1,203 shops and found that food prices increased by 12.6% between March 2022 and March 2023. Data show that prices only increased by 2.6% in the past year.

A recent study by the General Confederation of Italian Industry showed that most Italian families spend less on groceries and stick to cheaper supermarket brands or the basics.

In the fourth quarter of last year, households spent 8.7% less on food than in the first quarter of 2021.

“Italians are on a forced diet because of skyrocketing inflation,” said Massimiliano Donna, head of the National Consumer Union (UNC). “After energy products, food products have been hit the hardest,” he said.

According to the UNC, food prices rose 11% year over year in August, and the cost of a “consumer basket” increased by 10.2%.


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