An overstayer guest on Airbnb for 542 days

An individual who has overstayed at an Airbnb rental for 542 days faced a similar situation just two months prior, being evicted from another rental, as reported by

Elizabeth Hirschhorn was reportedly ousted from a $2.6 million rental in Oakland, California, in July 2021.

According to legal documents examined by, Hirschhorn subleased the property from Alex Lewin in September 2019. The property reportedly had a harmful substance, and Hirschhorn, citing hypersensitivity to allergens, requested specific cleaning measures. Allegedly, she made unreasonable demands to replace personal items damaged by the substance. After temporarily leaving the property, she returned in February 2020.

Lewin vacated the home in March due to Hirschhorn’s alleged hostile behaviour, but she continued residing there without a tenancy agreement or paying rent. In a countersuit against landlords Brian and Gordon Bishop for negligence and intentional tort, Hirschhorn claimed damages to her health, and the case was settled in July 2021, just before her move to another Airbnb.


In her current Airbnb situation with host Sascha Jovanovic, Hirschhorn paid rent for six months starting in September 2021 but later disputed property repairs.

She remained despite her scheduled stay ending in March 2020, citing COVID-19 risks.

A lawsuit claims the rental was illegal, and Jovanovic has no right to evict her.

A judge ruled in her favour, and Jovanovic, feeling unsafe in his home, referred to her as the “tenant from hell.”

Hirschhorn’s attorney, Colin Walshok, has yet to provide immediate comment.


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