The guru of finance has delivered a grave warning about the imminent collapse of the currency as well as the economy of the United States.

A disastrous market crash is on the horizon, according to Robert Kiyosaki

The guru of finance has given a dire warning that the currency and economy of the United States are about to fall apart.

Robert Kiyosaki, a well-known author and economist, recently issued a warning to investors that a massive stock market disruption is on the horizon. Kiyosaki told investors to buy cryptocurrencies before they make the US dollar worthless and change the whole financial system.

“I think the largest crash in world history is coming,” the author of the best-selling book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” told his readers in an email on Sunday. The author of the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” is also known as Robert Kiyosaki.

Moving Markets

Kiyosaki predicted that the market would be in a bear market for an extended period of time, but he also pointed out that this is the perfect moment for investors to find great deals and make substantial profits. He also said that the US dollar would bring down the current economic system, which would make cryptocurrency more popular because the government doesn’t control it.

The financial guru said in an article that “it’s not enough just to want to get into crypto,” adding that “Now is the time you NEED to get into crypto, before the largest economic disaster in history.”

In May, Kiyosaki stated on his radio broadcast that the most popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin, was worthless, and he did so by declaring, “I trade bitcoin. But in my opinion, it is not worth anything at all. I don’t do anything but play the game. “


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